Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:37:53 +0100

Author: "William W. McNairy"

Subject: Whiteboards


Does anyone have answers to the following questions regarding whiteboards?

1. Our whiteboards seem to be 'greying' out rapidly during the week--
residue from markers is very difficult to clean off, even with the 'Expo
White Board Cleaner' that is supposed to make the surfaces 'look and
perform' like new. The surfaces seem to be rougher in some areas, is there
a 'renewing' substance that can be applied to do this? A wax or something?

2. Some faculty swear that blue markers don't erase well. Others are
adamant about green markers. We use the Sanford Expo and Expo 2 markers.
(Of course some Math/Stat profs who use these rooms bring their own markers
that *are* harder to erase, these are in metal containers and stubby, but I
don't know the manufacturer). Does anyone know of the *best* markers to
use? Are there differences between colors of the same brand?

3. The blackboard optics set has fallen into disuse due to failure of
suction cups on several occasions. I plan to mount the optics elements
using some of the neodymium magnets (say 1" dia by 1/4" or 1/2" thick)
discussed in earlier threads on Tap-L Z (or use the self-adhesive magnetic
sheets for lighter elements). Does anyone know of vendors of steel backed
whiteboards/chalkboards that sell them in about a 4'x5' size that I can
mount over the existing whiteboards when needed? This will allow profs to
trace the rays and then analyize using the lens equation etc. Is one board
better for this than another?

Thanks 10^6 for your assistance.


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