Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 18:19:51 -0700

Author: Brett Carroll

Subject: Re: Laser pointers source, please?


Tappers -

A second note on the harbor freight laser pointers; the pen-style models I
got are brighter and more tightly collimated than the keyring style
(probably the case in general for pointers). The keyring laser I have (I
only bought one of those) gets fuzzy at large distances, and cost more to
boot. Stick with the pens unless you need a small laser for space reasons.


P.S. They take AAA batteries, not AA as I said earlier.
At 01:13 PM 10/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Tappers -
>Harbor Freight ( has put their laser pointers back on
>sale. Cat# 37431-1VGA (pen-style, $5.99 w/2 AA batteries) and cat#
>37430-1VGA (keyring pointer, $6.99 w/batteries). The ones I've received
>are quite bright and easily visible (better than the $20 Infiniters I
>bought earlier) and seem reasonably well-made. At these prices, I'm
>unconcerned about evaporation, which will probably occur before breakdown.
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