Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:34:50 -0500 (EST)

Author: Michael Mcfarland

Subject: RE: Air-bearing Gyroscopes




On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, Dick Heckathorn wrote:

> Greetings, With a stop in the men's room with time to read The
Physics Teacher Index, I found an article in September 1973 issue. On
page 361 it talks about using a bowling ball. Much more ambitious than
the pool ball. And as I read, I remembered. I will quote. "It is quite
interesting to have a bowling ball gyroscope spinning and ask some
student to change the angle of the axis rod. They get very upset when it
won't move in the direction it is pushed but moves at a right angle to
the applied force."
> If you have the Demonstrations Experiments edited by Minor, page 266
of volume 1 shows a couple of air bearings.

Yes, he's got instructions for building the air bearing in the appendix.
Thanks for pointing this out!

I still think the pool ball
description is in The Physics Teacher Magazine. I've got them all since
day one but no index for them all. Can anyone help?

Looked under "air" in a DOS-based index of The Physics Teacher and found
"More on the Angular Momentum of an Air Top" in Volume 26, #1, page 7,
January, 1988. Searching on "gyroscope" produced two records
that didn't relate to air gyroscopes. I appreciate your help: we don't
have a copy of any issue of The Physics Teacher for that year.

> I just checked Sgt. Welch. I think the funnel was the base of a Buchner,
Prolypropline funnel. Again, will check at school tomorrow and see if it
is there. Dick