Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 13:56:14 -0700

Author: Ron Ebert

Subject: Re: Applets


At 06:58 AM 10/4/99 -0500, Keith Tipton wrote:
>The java engine for the mac is up to about version 2.1.4
>(and can be downloaded from the apple web site). Internet
>Explorer for Mac accesses this engine while Netscape has its
>own engine which, in my experience, is much slower than the
>Apple Java engine. I haven't tried the applet in question,
>but I wonder if some people on this list would be happy if
>they used IE instead of Netscape when trying to run Java
>applets. I prefer Netscape in many ways, but not when it
>comes to java stuff.

I've tried running web applets on a Mac Power PC using Netscape and have
gotten error messages. But they work when I use IE.

Is there a way to download and save Java applets from the web to the Mac's
hard drive? Instructors here would rather have them secured on the hard
drive than have to rely on the Internet working when it comes time to show
them in class.

Ron Ebert
UCR Physics Department