Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:48:05 -0500

Author: "Yam, Patrick K."

Subject: Electronic Balances


I am looking into purchasing some electronic balances for the labs and an
experiment, and was wondering if there was any "Been There Done That" info
out there to help me out.
Here are my requirements:

3 Top Loading Electronic Balances; 1 designated balance per lab to be used
by up to 24 students in one lab session. 1.0 to 1.5 kg capacity with a
resolution of 0.1 g. Should be sturdy and quick to use. Mostly to be used to
weigh Pasco dynamics carts, pendulums, bobs and other various solid objects
for mechanics experiments.

6 Top Loading Balances, for reproducing the "Demonstrations of Coulomb's Law
with an Electronic Balance", (The Physics Teacher, Oct 1999, vol. 37-07,
pg.447). 0.01 g or better resolution.

Something right in the middle of the reliability/cost trade-off would be
great. Any comments?
Thanks in advance.

Patrick Yam
Univ. of St. Thomas, Physics