Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:17:52 -0500

Author: "Defayette, Thomas F."

Subject: RE: Overhead Projectors


Jerry -
We use Elmo model HP 35505DX. NO complaints from the faculty. They are
and work well in our Lecture Hall. Thje entire document can stay in focus.
I just tried it out and it workesd fine. Ours are 2 years old I am told.

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Subject: Overhead Projectors

Can anyone recommend a particular oherhead projector?

Ours are maintained by "Instructional Resources" and almost all are very
poor, can't be focused well, have dark edges, etc. IR say that all
overhead projectors are basically the same. I don't believe it.
Do you have a particular type that has good optics so the whole document
is in focus, and is bright enough for large lecture hall use?


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