Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:32:44 -0700

Author: Roger Key

Subject: Re: Overhead Projectors


At 11:14 AM 10/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a particular oherhead projector?
>Ours are maintained by "Instructional Resources" and almost all are very
>poor, can't be focused well, have dark edges, etc. IR say that all
>overhead projectors are basically the same. I don't believe it.
>Do you have a particular type that has good optics so the whole document
>is in focus, and is bright enough for large lecture hall use?

Projectors I have experience with include:

EIKI (we use this one in all the large lecture rooms) very easy to open
and change the bulb, includes a bulb changer and good optics - quiet fan,
and easy to understand controls (including the bulb changer - not hidden
under the front like the Elmo). Built like a tank. I'll get the model
number as soon as the classes change if you like.

Elmo HP-L355 (prefer the version with a bulb changer - I think that's
the one Ron mentioned) - a real workhorse and durable over time -
fairly easy to maintain.

Elmo HP-11 is OK for small light use applications, but has
no bulb changer and a switch that feels like it was made by
a toy company. We recently purchased a couple of these to use
in lab rooms for short/small presentations. Projector and cart
price (together) was only $199.

You might ask Peter back at KSU about the 3M projectors purchased
there in about '93 or '94. I recall them as being pretty good for
the price.

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