Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 08:19:59 -0500

Author: (Karl Trappe)

Subject: Meeting


PIRA folks: Andrew and I just returned from another visit to Trinity.

The PIRA Resource room and the Apparatus Competition will share MMS160.
This room is located on the ground floor of the Mars McLean Science
building (where physics is located). Brian Jones and Brett Carol will have
their workshop in that room on Tuesday before we formally open the room.
We can still load in boxes of materials at one end of the room, but early
set-up depends on Brian and Brett, and in our keeping our stuff out of the
workshop participants way.

The room has VCR with ceiling mounted video projector and a good sound
system. Bring your videos of your shows, programs, etc to let others see
what you do (and to copy?). We'll try to get an extra video tape machine
to allow copying while viewing. Bring some tunes so you can enjoy your
volunteer time. It currently does not have laser disk or CD player, but I
may bring a Laserdisk player that also plays a single CD to hook into the
system (I'll have to pull it out of my office preview cabinet).

Time is running for Demo Show volunteers. The show is coming together, but
ideas are welcome till the end...The press has contacted Andrew and me via
Trinity's Chairman (Gene Clark). The general public is being invited, so
the attendance should be good (Recall that the auditorium seats about 2400

If you cannot come to the show/meeting for whatever reason, you can stil
get in on the act with your suggestions. I will try twisting your arm to
"show your stuff", but I will only harass you a few times (say

More later. See you at the meeting. It should be a lot of fun. Karl

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