Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 11:41:29 -0500

Author: Clifford Bettis

Subject: Re: Demo Show needs a bigger RALLY people.


Gerald Zani wrote:

> Pira Folks,
> So far it looks like we have about a handfull of contributors to the demo
> show. Why such the paltry response? Are folks too busy? Have people who
> contributed in the past now feel that sitting back this year is OK?
> Your team support to this show will go a long way to help strengthen our image
> as a subgroup within our parent organization, the AAPT.
> Do we have five people in PIRA? Lets go people. RALLY a little. We can
> easily double the number of volunteer contributors and still be a fraction of
> our total membership.
> JZ


I'll be there to help. I volunteered some time ago and presumed my name was
already on a list.