Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 08:55:13 -0500

Author: Gerald Zani

Subject: Fwd: meeting, email



FYI Trappe's departmental e-mail address is down until further notice. To
reach him use his home address at

Do not try to reach him at the departmental address
He will not get it.


>Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 07:43:59 -0500
>To: Gerald Zani
>From: (Karl & Al at Home)
>Subject: meeting, email
>Jerry: please convey to tap-l that my email is temporarily disrupted by a
>dept decision to upgrade our server. What timing! You/they can contact me
>on my home email, assuming this gets through, which it should, since it is
>on the University's server. Unfortunately, my tap-l return address is not
>the same as this one, and I get no email while this is going on.
>Karl, Al, Victoria & Ashley Trappe HOME email:
>3203 Crawford Rd WORK email:
>Spicewood, Tx 78669

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Time is the thing. Time is everything. How to spend time.
We all want something to do with our minds.
The choices are a major human preoccupation.
But, once a certain level of time disposal is reached,
should you try to go beyond it?