Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:45:12 -0700

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: Regelation 4C20.30


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>He claims the quality of the ice block is critical. He suggests boiling >distilled water 15 minutes and cooling in a -5C brine bath with >continuous stirring - he shows a picture of a beautifully clear block of >ice. How do members of TAP-L prepare large ice blocks free from air >bubbles and cracks?
>Jeff Rudd
>Physics Dept
>Simon Fraser University
>Burnaby, BC, Canada


For this, I boil the (tap) water in a flask and then pull a mild vacuum as soon as it is cool enough to touch (using a big plug with a hose barb) that pulls a lot of bubbles out. Then, (carefully, like beer) I pour into a half gallon milk carton for freezing. No -5 C salt brine, but, I do have the freezer set on HI, i think faster is better. I do this so they get a nice "trail" from the wire through the clear block. Takes about 8-10 minutes with a lead brick and a piano wire. Thanks for the styrofoam idea. Copper wire that thin would be too weak for my weight, even if it worked faster.

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