Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:56:36 -0600 (CST)

Author: Dale Stille

Subject: Re: PIRA logo


Doug, Karl, Sam, and tappers all.....

I always looked at the lightning bolt logo as something that would happen
to those people who became real pains or didn't do the demo the way I told
them to!! The wrath of God type thing.

My 2 cents of humor for a friday,
Dale Stille
U of Iowa

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Doug Johnson wrote:

> How about a B.C. type cartoon with a pre-historic "Physics Technician" at
> work? Have someone rubbing two sticks together with a caption "It takes
> real talent to come up with a good demo or lab experiment on our budget."
> or "Wow, with our current budget and salaries, no wonder why we are still
> in the Stone Age!"
> After writing that, I hope we don't get in a deep discussion of how bad
> things are.. I just thought it would be a good form or humor to lighten
> our attitudes at the work place. Sometimes poking fun at what we face
> helps relieve the tension. I would like to have a PIRA T-shirt with that
> BC type cartoon though. ...Doug
> PS.. I like the lighting bolt. Electrostatics is my favorite subject. It
> is also symbolic of what effect our job has on teaching students physics.
> With the right demo and/or lab experiment, it is like being hit with a
> lightning bolt when they understand the subject! But having a good
> replacement is not a bad idea. We all need change once in a while.
> >Karl Trappe wrote:
> >
> >> OK, Sam, I think you're nuts. Any other questions? smile, Karl
> >>
> >
> >At least you didn't say it was a waste of time, so let's persue this a little
> >further. As a group, we are the most creative and diverse collection of any
> >AAPT organization. You mean to tell me that we can't problem solve our way out
> >of this one? Let's put our collective heads together and redesign this thing
> >so people know what we do when they see our logo. How many AAPT members are
> >clueless about PIRA? I know a bunch who are p.o.'ed because it looks too much
> >like PTRA.
> >
> >Later,
> >
> >Sam
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