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About TAP-L

TAP-L is a listserv created for the purpose of discussing various topics related to Teaching APparatus (TAP) (meaning demo or lab equipment). It is housed at North Carolina State University and is primarily, but not exclusively, for the college physics settings. The people who usually subscribe to TAP-L are professionals who engage at various times in designing, purchasing, setting up, organizing, creating, performing and cleaning up after various demonstrations of physical phenomena.

TAP-L began at Appalachian State University by Andy Graham in the 1980's (the days of BITNET). The mail server began archiving the messages in 1998. In 2006 TAP-L moved to its current host, North Carolina State University and is moderated by Keith Warren.

About the TAP-L Archive

This site is strictly a repository of old posts. It will be updated once each month. While all email addresses could not be stripped from messages, it should be assumed that any found here will be out dated and will bounce. If you wish to ask any questions about any previous posts, it is recommended that you join TAP-L and post a new question.

Early each month, the past months archive will be downloaded and converted into web pages for this repository. We are presently missing several months of 2006. Messages from 1998-2002 will be added to this site soon. They are in a different format and the program must be modified to handle them.

Account Management

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe.

For help with your TAP-L account, please contact the list owner and moderator, Keith Warren

TAP-L Guidelines

Please respect other group members and refrain from posting on topics beyond those related to Physics Teaching Apparatus. Posting about topics such as politics, religion or other similar areas is not allowed. Attaching files is also not allowed on this group. If you need to share a photo of something, please upload it elsewhere and link to it in your tap-l post. Thanks for making this such a great group by helping keep it on track.

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For more information on this list, contact the list administrator, Keith Warren at North Carolina State University.