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Shattering Goblet/Beaker
# 3D40.55

Description: The speaker is tuned to the frequency of the glass using a microphone and an oscilloscope. The turn up the volume until the glass breaks. if you have extra time, show the glass on a monitor with a strobe light. Most people are surprised by how much the glass actually moves before it breaks.

Hazards: Shield will prevent glass from flying into the audience. It is possible, though unlikely, for some glass to fly towards the demonstrator. The demonstrator should wear safety glasses and ear protection. Students should place their fingers in their ears.

Parts: Stereo amplifier,
frequency generator,
Atlas/Soundolier Model SD-370 horn driver.

Purchased/Built: built

Setup Time: 1 day

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Atlas Sound

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 09-06 Large amplitude sound at the resonant frequency is directed at a beaker.
The Physics Teacher TPT 28(6),418 Break a lead crystal goblet with amplified sound.
The American Journal of Physics AJP 47(9),828 Laboratory beakers are shattered in a chamber with a small piece of folded paper over the rim serving as a resonance detector.

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