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Homemade Homopolar Motor
# 5K40.103

Description: Homopolar motors are so named because the electric current does not change direction as the motor rotates. As a result, a commutator is not needed, which simplifies the design and the discussion.

There are two designs available that can be seen in the pictures. The standing design (shown in the first two pictures) and the hanging design (shown in the third picture). In the standing design, the battery and magnet stand motionless, and the wire revolves around them as a result of the magnetic forces on the current in the wire.

In the hanging design (third picture), the battery and wire are held, and the magnet rotates as a result of the magnetic forces on the current through the magnet.

Instructions: Specify which design you would like (or both). The standing design (first two pictures) is easier to see on the document camera, but the hanging design (third picture) is easier to hold and walk around the room with.

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