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Water Glass Parabola
# 1D52.201
Description: Seven plastic wineglasses are mounted to a turntable top. When filled with water and rotated, the water levels move to form a parabola.

Instructions: Fill each wineglass to the dot with colored liquid. The outside glasses are filled to higher levels than the inner. A DC power supply set to 8 Volts is connected to the base. Optimal rotation speed is 30 rpm(displayed on the turntable), which corresponds roughly to "E" on the power supply. Use your hand to turn the disk clockwise until the display reads ~30 rpm, then reduce or increase voltage supplied to keep it there.

Hazards: If the power supply is allowed to give too much power the table will accelerate past 30 rpm and water will begin to fly out of the cups.

Parts: 1 Disk with Wineglasses, 2 Colored Beakers of Water, One variable speed turn table

Purchased/Built: built

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

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