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# 5A50.100

Description: The FunFlyStick is a battery-powered static generator that creates a strong positive electrostatic charge. When one of the small Mylar samples touches the stick, it becomes positively charged so that it expands and levitates above the stick.

Instructions: Push the button for a few seconds to charge the FunFlyStick. The stick will only slowly lose its charge, so you do not need to keep the button pressed while you're using it. Hold one of the Mylar samples above the stick and drop it onto the stick. When it touches the stick, it will become positively charge. The Mylar object will then spread out as the positive charges repel. The Mylar sample will also repel from the stick, so it will hover above the stick. Note that the charged Mylar will be attracted to any neutral object, such as your hand, because a neutral object will polarize as it gets near the Mylar.

Hazards: The Mylar samples are delicate. Please be careful not to tear them. They also look better if they are not crinkled, so please lay them out reasonably flat in the box when you are putting them away.

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