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# 2C20.55

Description: This is a modern returning boomerang made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. It is supposed to make an elliptical path before it returns to the hand.

The gyroscopic spinning keeps the boomerang vertical. The wings are shaped like airfoils. Because of the forward motion coupled with the spinning motion, the top wing has more "lift". This causes creates a torque attempting to rotate the boomerang towards the horizontal; however, because of the angular momentum, the torque instead causes the boomerang to precess or curve back to the thrower.

Instructions: 1) Hold boomerang upright. 2) Make sure the right side is out. 3) Throw with a snapping wrist action.

Hazards: It could hit someone if they were in the way of the boomerang.

Purchased/Built: purchased

Demo References
The Physics Teacher TPT 28(3),142 An article explaining boomerang flight along with directions for throwing and building one.
The American Journal of Physics AJP 53(6),524 Make a light straight boomerang from balsa. The theory is different from the usual one.

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