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Lissajous Sand Pendulum
# 3A80.10
Description: This apparatus consists of a heavy plastic cone-shaped vessel supported by 3 cords. These 3 cords are tied to two cords which form the support for the pendulum. A ring which may be moved along the cords so as to bring them together any place between the point of support and the cone. By this means a double pendulum is made which can be given vibrations in two different directions.

The pendulum may be made to swing in two different planes and to swing with two different periods. One plane of swing is fixed and is determined by the supporting of the two cords. The other plane of swing may be made anything desired by the operator but is usually made to swing at right angles to the upper plane. The period of the swing of the lower pendulum and the upper pendulum depends upon the location of the movable collar. The periods of the two swings may thus be adjusted to any desired ratio. some very interesting sand patterns may be obtained which illustrate the result of combining two harmonic motions of different periods.

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Setup Time: 1 day

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Central Scientific

Demo References
Sutton S-43 A simple sand pendulum made by passing a bifilar suspension through an adjustable collar.
Freier and Anderson Sn-2 A compound pendulum drops sand out of the pendulum bob in a Lissajous pattern.

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