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Palm Glass
# 4C33.50

Description: The palm glass demonstrates the contrasting effects of heat and gravity on a volatile liquid. It consists of two glass bulbs connected by a glass tube. The glass is partially filled with a colored liquid, such as methylene chloride, having a low vapor point. The air in the tube has been partially evacuated. The fluid with the low vapor point will evaporate with a relatively low input of thermal energy. Once the fluid reaches the upper bulb, it will cool and return to the liquid state. After it flows back down to the hand held bulb, the process repeats.

Purchased/Built: purchased

Setup Time: none

Quant. in Demo Room: 2

Source: Central Scientific

Demo References
Hilton H-2a.2 Just a picture.
Sutton H-72 A tube with a small bulb on each end partially filled with a volatile liquid is held by one bulb in the palm forcing the liquid into the other bulb.

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