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Hank Cranked Motor/Generator
# 5K40.801

Description: This device can either be ran as a DC motor or AC/DC Generator.


To run as a DC generator, connect the terminals of the power supply to the slots across the attached coil. As in the picture, connect the metal contacts to the central metal. Then, connect a galvanometer (to measure the current) to the slots below the handle. Turn the crank.

To run as an AC generator, connect the power supply and the galvanometer as above. However, remove the metal contacts, placing one of them in the cylinder closest to the handle and one of them in the next closest. Turn the crank.

To run as a motor, connect to a power supply (across DC terminals). Connect one terminal to one of the slots on the attached coil and the other terminal to the other slot (this produces a current in the coil). Then, connect each slot (via the banana plugs) to a slot near the hand crank (this will produce a current in that coil). Turn the power supply on, and turn the crank. If it won't go in one direction, just switch the direction of cranking. This will set it into motion.

Hazards: Electrical.

Purchased/Built: purchased

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

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