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Torque Beam
# 1J40.20

Description: Demonstrate angular equilibrium: when net torque and angular acceleration are zero.

Instructions: A torque beam (large white 2x4) rotates with low friction about it's center of mass. Hang 400g masses at appropriate radii such that the net torque is still zero. The distance between pegs on the torque beam is 21cm.

Note: Magnets have been attached to each mass to make them all 400g. For this reason, please do not adjust the magnets.

Parts: Torque beam (2x4), 4 masses

Purchased/Built: built

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 04-14 Use a meter stick, suspended at the center, as a torque balance.
Hilton M-18a.1 Weights on a meter stick supported at the center.
Sutton M-27 Weights are hung from a meter stick suspended on a knife edge.
Freier and Anderson Mo-1 Weights are hung from a horizontal bar pivoted on a knife edge.

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