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Potential-Kinetic Energy Tracks
# 1D15.201

Description: This demonstration shows that no matter the profile of the ramp, the same ball released from the tops of all 4 ramps achieve the same final velocity. The same final velocity is found from the final resting position of the ball catcher.

Instructions: Four tracks of the same height, but with different profiles, are arranged side by side. Despite the initial differences in acceleration, you can show that identical objects launched from the same height will all leave the track at the same speed. A seperate track holds a plasic cup mounted to an eraser for friction. When the ball rolls into the cup, it is pushed back the same amount no matter which track the ball comes off from. A meter stick can be used to hold along the side of the ramp/catcher to show that the final velocities are the same quantitatively.

Hazards: Keep an eye on the ball, so it doesn't roll away and get lost.

Parts: 4-Profile Ramp
Ball catcher
1 ball
Meter stick

Purchased/Built: purchased

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Central Scientific

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