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Bowling Ball Pendulum
# 1M40.10

Description: Stand straight. Bring the bowling ball up to your nose and release it WITH NO INITIAL VELOCITY. STAND VERY STILL until the ball swings back. DO NOT LEAN FORWARD.


Hazards: Check the path of the swing before trying. Do not push the ball or it will flatten your nose!

Parts: bowling ball with hook, rope already mounted in classroom

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 03-14 A bowling ball pendulum is held against the nose and allowed to swing out and back.
Meiners 9-1.2 Head against the blackboard, long pendulum.
Hilton M-14b Hold a bowling pendulum to the nose and let it go.
Freier and Anderson Mr-6 A large pendulum bob is suspended from the ceiling. Do the nose basher.
The Physics Teacher TPT 22(6),384 Use bowling balls for the nose basher, drop out or project out of upper floor windows, collisions.

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