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# 5J10.20

Description: Close the switch to the inductor and turn on the DC power supply (Full 16V DC). Open the switch and the lamp will flash. The light and the inductor are connected in parallel. The power supply and the switch are then in series with the bulb and the inductor.

Parts: 5 Henry inductor, DC power supply, lamp

Purchased/Built: built

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 21-01 Disconnect a 6 V battery from a 2000 turn coil to get a spark, enhance with an iron core.
Sutton E-252 Open the switch of a large electromagnet with a lamp in parallel.
Meiners 31-3.6 When current is cut off in the primary, a meter in parallel shows an induction current in the primary.

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