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Racing Disks
# 1Q10.40

Description: Disks and hoop have equal masses. Release both disk and hoop at top of inclined plane at the same time. Also available upon request: PVC tubing, short wooden bar, ping-pong ball, two solid balls of unequal mass and radius.


Parts: Box of disks, racing plane plywood, block to create incline

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
Sutton M-161 Two equal mass discs are made to race down an incline, one with a lead core and the other with a lead rim. Both are made to roll up a second incline to show they had the same kinetic energy at the bottom.
Freier and Anderson Ms-1 Two wooden discs of the same mass and diameter are loaded with lead to give different moments of inertia. Roll on an incline.

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