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Simultaneous Fall - Small
# 1D60.201

Description: This demo operates similar to the large version. The balls are hard to be seen by students, but the sound of the balls striking the floor can be heard by all. This model is easier to repeat in class.

Instructions: This demonstration will be mounted, loaded, cocked and balanced. There are two pizza pans included to make the metal balls easier to hear, but you'll have to place them in their approximate positions on the floor.

This demo is very easy to repeat. Both balls have a hole in them, so either should fit on the "drop" side. For easier balancing and launching, put the "launched" ball hole-side-down.

Hazards: Keep an eye on the balls after they land so they don't get lost, or cause a slipping hazard.

Parts: Ball launcher
Right angle clamp
Table clamp with rod attachment
2 small metal balls with holes in them

Purchased/Built: purchased

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Central Scientific

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