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Series and Parallel Light Bulbs - 5 bulbs Large
# 5F20.50


Adjust the switches to have all the lamps in series or parallel

Show that while in parallel that any lamp can be turned off without changing the brightness of the others.

Show that as you add more lamps in series, the brightness of each lessens. Also if you remove a lamp in the series circuit, they all go out.

Purchased/Built: built

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 17-24 Three 110 V lamps are wired in series and three are wired in parallel.
Hilton E-3a.1 A series-parallel circuit with three bulbs and six switches can be connected 14 ways.
Sutton E-177 Three similar wattage lamps in series, three in parallel.
Freier and Anderson Eh-1 A light bulb board with switches allows configuration of several combinations.

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