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Sagging Wire
# 4A30.60

Description: A variac is attached to a length of Nickel wire with sudden death leads. Turn up the variac until the wire heats up and it will sag. Pictured are three corks hanging from the wire to better see it sag.


Hazards: This wire can become very hot and break. If you see it start to glow, it will break. Make sure nothing flammable is below the wire. Also keep hands and arms from below the wire while demonstrating.

Purchased/Built: purchased

Setup Time: 10 min

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Central Scientific

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 14-07 A long iron wire with a small weight hanging at the midpoint is heated electrically.
Hilton H-2b A wire is heated electrically and a pointer indicates change of length. Also recalescence of iron.
Sutton H-9 Heat a length of nichrome wire electrically and watch it sag. ALSO - Recalescence temperature of iron (800 C).

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