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Ultrasonic Ranger and Student
# 1D15.10

Description: This shows, in real time, the position, velocity and acceleration vs. time of a student volunteer moving in from of the motion detector.

Instructions: The computer/projector/software will be set up when you arrive. The software will be set to display the quantities mentioned above and set to record for 30 seconds (you may request otherwise).

A student walks toward and away from a sonic ranger. You can click the Monitor/MON button to show the graphs, but no data will be recorded (and therefore will disappear when the Stop button is clicked. Click the Record button to save data. After a click of the Stop button, more (seperate) data sets can be taken with further clicks of Record.

Hazards: Make sure the path that the student will walk is clear, so no one trips. As the sonic ranger is very small, be careful and make sure no on steps on it!

Parts: Laptop PC
PASCO interface
Connection to the in-room projector (a projector if in a room with no projector)

Purchased/Built: purchased

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Pasco Scientific

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