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Map of North Carolina
# 1J10.10

Description: This demo will show everyone in class where the center of mass of North Carolina is (so long as you assume that the state is perfectly flat, and consists of completely uniform material throughout)!

Instructions: Hang map of NC on peg through desired hole. Hang plumb bob in front. Mark the position of the plumb line with a marker on the sheet of paper attached to the back of the state. Change the position of the peg until you have gone all the way around the state. Then show the class the results

Parts: map of NC
table pole
clamp with a nail (the peg the state hangs from)
pendulum bob
a clean sheet of paper taped to the back for marking

Purchased/Built: built

Setup Time: 5 min

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
Freier and Anderson Mp-7 A plexiglass map of the state is suspended from several points.

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