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Cheshire Cat - Large oil version
# 6A40.30

Description: Large version of Cheshire Cat demonstration. This demo uses oil with the same index of refraction as Pyrex to make a test tube and a beaker disappear!

Instructions: Submerge a test tube and/or a beaker in the tank of oil. The test tube and beaker will be visible when filled with air. Pour some of the oil into the test tube or beaker, and it will appear to vanish from the bottom up.

Parts: Tank of oil that is a mixture of heavy mineral oil and light baby oil mixed so that the index of refraction is close to that of Pyrex.
Two beakers
Test tube
Box of broken beaker shards
Paper towels, because demo is messy!

Purchased/Built: built

Setup Time: 10 min

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 22-10 Place an eyedropper in a liquid with an index of refraction matched to the glass.

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