11D52.10Flattening Earth
21D60.202Simultaneous Fall Pop Gun - Retired
31G10.13Motion Up an Inclined Plane
41G10.40Atwood's Machine
51G20.40Cups and Weights - Retired
61M10.25Pile Driver with Pop Cans
71M40.15Stopped Pendulum
81M40.30Ball in Track
91M40.40Ballistic Pendulum
111N30.10Collision Balls
121N30.50Impulse Pendulum
131N30.53Ball-Block Collision
141N30.60Double Ball Bounce
151Q20.50Faster Than 'g'
161Q40.10Rotating Stool with Dumbbells
171Q40.20Stability of Orbits
191Q50.201Gyro with Adjustable Weights
201Q50.25Double Wheel Gyro
211Q60.40Tossing the Book
221R40.30Bounce/No Bounce Balls
232B30.361Plumbers Friend
243A95.521Two Chaotic Pendula
253B10.30Transverse Wave Generator
263B20.30Longitudinal Wave Demonstrator
273B22.101Melde's Vibrating String (variable tension)
283B22.30Transverse Standing Waves
293B22.51Longitudinal Wave Spring
303B22.60Longitudinal Standing Waves
313B25.20Reflection - Shive Model
323B27.15Wave Superposition - Shive Model
333B40.10Doppler Ball
343B50.10Ripple Tank - Single Slit
353B60.19Beat Speakers
363D40.50Musical Goblet
374A30.10Bimetal Strip
384A40.302Smashing Racquet Ball
394C30.35Burst a Balloon
404C30.351Exploding Racquetball Can
414C30.352Liquid Nitrogen Canon
424E10.20Balloon in Liquid Nitrogen
434E20.40Balloon in a Vacuum
444E20.401Marshmallow Man
454E20.402Shaving Cream in a Vacuum
475A20.20Pith Balls
485A20.28Beer Can Pith Balls
495B10.15Van De Graaff with Streamers
505B10.20Van de Graaff with Jumping Pie Plates
515B10.25Van De Graaff with Styrofoam Peanuts
525B10.35Electrostatic Ping Pong
535C30.30Charge and Discharge a Capacitor
545D40.10Jacob's Ladder
555G30.20Paramagnetism of Liquid Oxygen
575H20.10Magnets and Pivot
585H30.10Cathode Ray Tube
595H40.34Levitating Foil
605K20.22Eddy Current Brake
615K20.30Jumping Ring
625K30.30Vertical Transformer
635K40.80Hand Crank Generator
646A20.35Disappearing Candy
656A42.21Refraction Tank
666H10.10Polaroids on the Overhead

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