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Hand in LN2 - Leidenfrost Effect
# 4B50.32

Description: Pouring liquid nitrogen over your hand allows you to demonstrate the Leidenfrost effect.

Instructions: Slowly pour liquid nitrogen from the dewar over your hand. Be careful to position things so that the nitrogen goes from your hand into the large beaker. CAUTION: nitrogen spilling on the table could hit your clothes. The nitrogen is easily absorbed in your cloths and could cause contact with the skin and cause frost bite. Be sure that there are no bandages on your hand as they will absorb the nitrogen and cause damage to your skin. Another method is to just stick your hand in a large beaker of liquid nitrogen. Ask the demoroom staff for a demonstration if you have never attempted this. If you stick your hand in and back out very quickly, the leidenfrost effect will prevent the cold liquid nitrogen from touching your skin. Note: 1 day's notice is required to obtain liquid nitrogen.

Hazards: If the liguid nitrogen comes in contact with any cloth touching your skin, you may be hurt. If you leave your hand in liquid nitrogen for longer than a few hundred miliseconds, you will be hurt. Try this yourself before ordering for your class.

Parts: large beaker, liquid nitrogen

Purchased/Built: built

Setup Time: 1 day

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
Sutton H-105 Pour liquid air on your hand or roll it about on the top of your tongue.
Sutton H-134 A drop of water suspended from a glass tube above a hot plate is stable until the plate cools.

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