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Auditory Demonstrations
# 3C10.001

Description: In 1978, a set of auditory demonstration tapes was released by the Laboratory of Psychophysics of Harvard University. These demonstrations had been prepared by a team led by Prof. David M. Green and were sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The set contains 20 recorded demonstrations on psycoacoustics plus an explanatory booklet.


  • Section I. Frequency Analysis and Critical Bands
    • Cancelled Harmonics
    • Critical Bands by Masking
    • Critical Bands by Loudness Comparison
  • Section II. Sound Pressure, Power, Loudness
    • The Decibel Scale
    • Filtered Noise
    • Frequency Response of the Ear
    • Loudness Scaling
    • Temporal Integration
  • Section III. Masking
    • Asymmetry of Masking by Pulsed Tones
    • Backward and Forward Masking
    • Pulsation Threshold
  • Section IV. Pitch
    • Pitch of Pure Tones
      • Dependence of Pitch on Intensity
      • Pitch Salience and Tone Duration
      • Influence of Masking Noise on Pitch
      • Octave matching
      • Stretched and Compressed Scales
      • Difference Limen or JND
      • Linear and Logarithmic Tone Scales
      • Pitch Streaming
    • Pitch of Complex Tones
      • Virtual Pitch
      • Shift of Virtual Pitch
      • Masking Spectral and Virtual Pitch
      • Virtual Pitch with Random Harmonics
      • Strike Note of a Chime
      • Analytic vs Synthetic Pitch
    • Repetition Pitch
      • Scales with Repetition Pitch
    • Pitch Paradox
      • Circularity in Pitch Judgment
  • Section V. Timbre
    • Effect of Spectrum on Timbre
    • Effect of Tone Envelope on Timbre
    • Change in Timbre with Transposition
    • Tones and Tuning with Stretched Partials
  • Section VI. Beats, Combination Tones, Distortion, Echoes
    • Primary and Secondary Beats
    • Distortion
    • Aural Combination Tones
    • Effects of Echoes
  • Section VII. Binaural Effects
    • Binaural Beats
    • Binaural Lateralization
    • Masking Level Differences
    • An Auditory Illusion

Parts: stereo

Purchased/Built: purchased

Setup Time: 5 min

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Source: Pasco Scientific

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