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Equal Time Equal Distance Drop
# 1C20.20

Description: The two strings have weights/washers attached at different increments. When dropping each string onto a pizza pan a loud clang is heard with each collision. The sounds of the objects, more importantly, the time between the sounds will make the point of the demonstration

Instructions: The first string has the objects attached at equal increments. When dropped, the students hear that the time between the collisions gets smaller. You should repeat this part of the demonstration a couple of times so that the students understand what they are listening for. The second string's objects are separated by distances that correspond to time increments of t^2. When dropped onto the pan, the time between collisions remains the same.

Hazards: None.

Parts: Equal time/equal distance strings
Pizza pan

Purchased/Built: built

Quant. in Demo Room: 1

Demo References
The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations Disc 01-12 Drop strings with weights.
Sutton M-84 Drop a string with a series of lead balls attached.
Meiners 7-1.12 Drop a string with wood blocks tied at 1,4,9,16 unit intervals.
Freier and Anderson Mb-12 Drop a long string of balls with spacing of 1,4,9,16.
The Physics Teacher TPT 16(4),233 String and Sticky Tape Series: directions for simple apparatus.

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